Friday, September 6, 2013

Post Game/Out of Gas

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Hey friends!  Well hope you all enjoyed this evening's NFL Matchup, I know I sure as hell did!!  haha.  it was amazing.  we went to Old Chicago and had some food and a couple beers.  I finally tried the SanTan Mr. Pineapple which was DELICIOUS and then I got a Pumpkin Porter.  yummy.  Randy had two Leinenkugel Oktoberfest which were equally yummy.

Right before the game started the power went out at OC lol.  OMG Everyone was like HEYY lol.  oy.  But it came on fairly quickly.  It was funny though because they were having a big storm in Denver haha.  effected us too!  blah.  The game was amazing of course!!  Glad we were able to go there and watch it since we don't have TV lol.  

Finished the game and then started on our way home.  We get halfway home and he's like FUCK I forgot my phone.  so we had to turn around and go back.  Went in and it was still on the table so we were good.  Again, we were halfway home aaaannnnndddd the Truck runs out of gas lol.  He gets paid tomorrow and was going to put gas then, but yeah, just didn't make it this time.

So we walked down to the Circle K...paid $12 for a fucking gas can and then $7 for a little over two gallons of gas....walked back to the truck and put the gas in, then came home.  lol.  oy.  But yeah.  got home and rested up.  This week in my fantasy football league, I was projected to get 92 points.....and my opponent 109.  Well....I got almost 80 points JUST TONIGHT.  Manning had over 60 points and Welker had over 18.  It was NUTS.  my opponent had 10 tonight thanks to Broncos Defense haha.

Anyway it's getting late, we have a lot to do tomorrow so I'm gonna go to bed.  :) have a good one people, enjoy your weekend! 

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