Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moving Right Along

Gooood afternoon my friends.  What's going on today?  Well not a lot here.  Randy went to work at 10.  I got up at 9 when his alarm went off and made him a sandwich that he requested for lunch lol.  We made hot dogs with onions and cheese last night for dinner and he sauteed some extra onions so he wanted them on a sandwich :).  Ham, Chicken and Cheese.  YUM.  I'll make me one later...on a hoagie roll nonetheless.  YAY!  lol...

Anywhoozle, so yeah good stuff.  I spent yesterday with my niece obviously, that was fun times as usual.  She's completely nuts and I love her to death LOL.  We were waiting for Sharla to get home so we could leave (my brother was going to Bowie to get Paris because she had a dentist appointment today) and we were trying to figure out what to have for dinner.  We had stuff for nachos but didn't really want nachos, then Randy saw something about Hot Dogs and so we decided on Hot Dogs LOL.  had to stop and get buns and a few other things, but it worked out.

They were delish of course.  So we did that, then hung out for a bit.  Watched Philip DeFranco's thinger that we watch all the time.  if you don't know who that is, DEFINITELY check him out on Youtube, he does news and stuff.  just click the link up there and you'll be taken to his page.  He does a new show every Monday - Thursday.  Current Events, ongoing news, media, entertainment, stuff like that.  He's awesome lol.

Soooo yeah went to bed, showered first and then crashed out.  Woke up at 2 to someone banging on our door.  WTF?  At first it was like wtf is that sound?  There's a knocker on the door and we were both like what the hell is that noise because no one ever actually uses the knocker lol.  Randy went downstairs to figure out wtf, and apparently it was a Cab Driver because his person had skipped out on him and told him he lived in this apartment, so the Cabbie came looking for him.  WTF??  Yeah....that sucked lol.  

Annnnyway, so yeah that leads me to this morning where I called some people that my mom had told me to call about getting help with my Disability Claim, which by the way I got some paperwork in the mail yesterday.  It's ANOTHER Adult Function Report that I have to fill out.  urgh.  I don't know how many of these fucking things they want me to fill out :-/

But yeah talked to them and they're gonna do an evaluation.  I did part of it today but then we tried to contac Social Security to get some additional information and they hung up on us (it was a conference call type thing).  Grrr.  it's like uhmmmm wtf?  So she finished the eval and is gonna try calling SSA again tomorrow.  Hopefully they will answer this time.  Blargh.  But yeah...I mean these people, their rates for if they get me my disability are kinda a bit much but I dunno if I can do all this by myself ya know?  

Then I called the guy that we are going to be renting the Duplex from.  I sent him the app yesterday and he said everything looks good and that we can meet sometime to sign the lease and get the keys.  But I was like well do you have any flexibility on the Deposit?  He was asking for a $525 deposit and then the rent would be due on the 1st...which is another $550.  Soooooo i was like uhm yeah.  And he goes, well I have done it before so, what are you proposing.  So we'll be paying $150 down on Friday...then our rent will be increased to $643.75 for the first four months, then it'll go back down to $550 after that.  

YAY!!  you can take a look at the listing for the place Here...there's some pics there.  W00T!!  Sooo yeah.  we'll have a new place to start moving into on Friday.  Hells yea!  we don't have to be out of this place completely until the 30th so that's good.  Gives us over a week to get it all clean and stuff.  I gotta get my internet and electricity paid, then transferred over.  *sigh* so there's that as well...blah. haha.

So much money that we don't really have.  I can't think of anything else to say for right now.  my head is hurting today but all this good news is kinda overshadowing it.  yay.  So as I always say, if you can donate a little, please do (click the gofundme thing below).  But if not, then thanks anyway.  :) Have a good one all!!

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