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What's going on my friends?  So it's been what, four days since I wrote last?  LOL, lets see what has happened since then....


On Sunday before I left my brother's house, well Randy got out of work at 5, so it was right around that time.  He texts me and is like Jean and Baldo's daughter says hi.  And i'm like uhmmmm Kaydene?  Because I couldn't think of the other one for some reason.  And he said no, too old and then was like it's Judy, actually.  So I was like ohh yeah ok cool, nowwww where did you see her?  LOL.

Apparently he works with her!  WTF.  So yeah he was telling me the story.  Cuz I asked how the connection between him and me with her came up.  His response..."well it all started with chiles".  Blahaha.  And i said "and you mentioned I was from New Mexico"....."Yup".  Blahaha, good times, yo 

I'll give you all the short version of that situation.  She's not *really* my cousin, but we've grown up with them and it all started with my dad's side of the family.  Her grandfather was my grandmother's step-father.  So her dad and my dad grew up together, so in turn all of us grew up together.  You know, small town shit.  lol.  Kaydene is the oldest, then there's Judy and they have a brother Bucky who also lives here in Tucson.  So yeah, fun.

Randy's Stuff

I don't know where to start here really.  We're doing good, I will say that.  There's just obvious tension because of money situations and then his job situation.  *sigh*  I'm so frustrated for him and I can't even imagine how he feels.  I've mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again just for the sake of this entry and if you are new or whatever.  He's been with Home Depot for like 5 years now and when he was in Cali, he was a Department Supervisor.  Well when he moved out here, he took a paycut, stepped down from that position.  Well, since he's been able to, he's been trying to get promoted again, back to Dept. Supervisor.

He even went so far as to apply at at different store (The Oro Valley Store) which was a big fucking JOKE because they never even returned his calls regarding ANYTHING.  Which is complete bullshit.  At least have some professional courtesy to call someone back and say, look we offered the position to someone else, but we'll keep you in mind if something else comes up.  Especially if said person called idon'tknowhowmanytimes after the interview.  I mean seriously.  WTF.  We even went up there one day.  Urgh. then he was like, I'm DONE with that store, they're crap.  Well apparently they were doing hirings IN-STORE which was good also.  But he had his interview last Sunday and then he was on Vacation all last week.  So he got back to work on Monday and they were like oh yeah we'll know by Wednesday.  Well, Wednesday night before he gets home, he's like "I am so tired of Home Depot".  I knew right away he either hadn't gotten it or they just didn't know yet.

So I just asked him what was up and he just said he hadn't gotten the position, that they had passed over him YET AGAIN for it...based on the ANSWERS TO THE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.'s my fucking problem with that.  I can understand how they can base something like that on a First-Time interview, because you obviously have no experience with them and they don't know how well you work.  But when you are hiring IN-STORE, don't you think you would take a little more consideration into the Experience the person has and what kind of knowledge and What you know about how well this person works.

Apparently everyone was like telling him he should get it because of his experience and all of that other stuff, so wtf.  I told him how the FUCK can a few questions mad a damn difference.  It just baffles me.

Money, Pills, Etc.

I have been calling my Dr.'s office for like a week now trying to figure out where the fuck my paperwork is for my pills.  But they are not returning my calls.  It's so damn annoying.  I called today to speak with the Dr.'s Assistant because that's who you talk to...and she's out of the fucking office until Tuesday.  So...Yeah....I have to order my pills from Walgreens AGAIN this month.  That's like another $45...they're $25 through the prescription assistance thing, $20 is $20.  And the Maxalt...that's free.  Since I'm not taking the Topamax anymore I don't have to worry about that one.  BLAH It's fucking frustrating as HELL.

My computer is slowly dying, as is my phone.  So I may be off the grid at some point.  Meh.  We'll see how long each one lasts.

Amerie's 2nd birthday is coming up, that's on the 21st.  But they're having the party on the 1st of September.  Let's see if my parents are able to come because, surprise surprise, the car is giving them issues.  Ugh.  That's so frustrating.  They're trying to help me and all their shit is breaking down....*sigh*

Then I have to give my 30 day notice...which I'll type out and print over at my brother's house.  Then we were supposed to go look at another apartment complex today, but obviously that isn't gonna happen.  So yeah.  meh...whatever, i gotta go to the Storage Unit place and see if they got the fax from Farm Bureau.  Ugh.  morons....  Have a good one my friends....

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