Friday, August 16, 2013

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything....

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What's going on my friends?  Not much here, just kicking back.  It's been a lazy day all day.  Got up late and then just have been chillin.  We got home late last night, probably around 2 or so.  We ended up going out to Vail to Randy's Parent's house which was actually pretty awesome.  He had to meet his dad earlier in the day up the street to pick up the package that he was waiting for that he accidentally had sent over there.  So he did that and then was like well my dad said they're either doing Lasagna or Hot Dogs and mac n cheese for dinner, and he invited us out, so i got showered and we went and did a few things.

Randy has been having trouble with his phone, every time he sets it down a certain way or sometimes when he puts it in his pocket it'll reset itself.  He's been pretty frustrated with it and so we had to go to Best Buy to see if they could get him a new one, but the dude at the Geek Squad thing said just to try doing a factory reset on it because since the last update so many people have been having issues like that and the Factory Reset seems to have helped.   So he's gonna try that and if it doesn't work then he'll go get a new phone.

So we did that and then we had to go to Walgreens to pick up my pills because I was almost out and have been trying to get the Drs office to call me, so I just called the Insurance Co and they're sending ME the paperwork so I can take down to the Dr. Office.  Ugh, so we'll see when I get those.  Then it'll take another 2 weeks before I actually get the dang pills so, blah!  

I thought I was going to have to go without them because I didn't have the $42 to get them from Walgreens, but Randy said he would get them for me (Thank you! <3) and so we did that and then headed out to his Dad's House.  We sat around and talked and laughed for a good while.  It was so nice being out there and hanging out with everyone.  His step-sister Jenny was there too with her dude.  I dunno all what's going on with that whole situation but yeah.

Anyway so we ended up playing a game of dice.  it's kind of like the Farkle that I'm used to playing, however they use 15 die and we would use 6.  You have to match 3 of each number...three 1's is 1,000, three 2's is 200, etc.  So you have to get 2,000 to get on the board and then after that you can score as much as you want and you roll until you want to stop or you don't score anymore.  It was a lot of fun.  By the end of the night everyone was pretty drunk except for Randy and I.  I dunno exactly why he didn't drink much.

Well, after everyone went to bed basically other than Randy, Dale (his dad), Jenny and Rob, we were all being silly and just playing around doing stuff, watching TV and whatnot.  Well we decided to play "quarters" with the dice.  So we were bouncing them off the table trying to get them in the cup and then whoever made it got to give out a shot.  LOL.  We were being SO loud...but everyone was drunk and in bed so it didn't matter.  Well except for Adam but he was up and about now and again.

Annnnyyyway.....we had to get our Network secured because there was some RANDOM ass PC coming up on our network for the internet and everything.  So we tried blocking him a few days ago but he was back on the next we just Turned On the network filtering and made sure all of our MAC addresses were on that list.  Seems to have kept him off for the last couple of days.  woot woot.

Tomorrow Randy works in the morning.  I say morning but I mean he goes in at 7.  So he'll be home early which is fun.  I think he said he actually opens all week, so that's kind of cool.  It honestly helps me get up earlier and then the fact that he's home earlier is good too.  Sweeet.  I can't believe it's already the middle of August, this year is flying by much like the last couple years.  I mean gah, so much happened this year....but I don't want to get into all of THAT right now.

Anyway, I suppose that is it.  Gonna head on up to bed so you all enjoy this :)  Thanks for reading :)

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